App Reskin Examples that Crush the Charts

What if I told you the secret to the perfect network.  Would you be interested?
Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or you’re a million dollar company on your way to becoming a billion dollar company.  The answer to take your game to the next level is right in front of you.
It’s skinning.
App reskinning can be one of the biggest passive income opportunities. But only if you do it right and put in the work.


Step 1:  Find something that works and produces a profit. 
Step 2:  Repeat the process. To learn about our entire app business building process, click here. 
Developing an app takes a lot of heart and energy.  Our goal with skins isn’t to duplicate apps, but to reach new audiences by changing the theme and appearance.

1.  The King of Reskin: Candy Crush Saga

Dialed.  Are the Candy Crush Sagas the best skins of all time?  It appears so.
Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga are both killing it in the Top Grossing charts.

2.  FLappy Bird – Need i say more?

86,000+ reviews and #3 in Entertainment?  Ridiculous.  You don’t even need a good designer for this one.
Flappy Potato?
When you reskin games, the upside potential is huge. Just be sure to do your research and find out what themes work.

3.  The angry guys at Rovio

Angry Birds has destroyed the skinning game since they flew out of the cage in 2009.  Granted they have the budget to spice up their different themed skins, but the functionality is the same.
If you want to create a game like Angry Birds, read this post. It will give you specifics on the results you can get when you reskin apps.


The list goes on and on.
Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Clash of Clans…
Go through the Top Grossing apps on the Store.  You’ll notice a lot of the apps in this article flood the charts.  That’s because roughly 2% of developers make up for over 50% of the App Store revenue.  Now you know their secret.
The most amazing thing about this model is that it WORKS. It’s not just theory – you’re looking at companies making millions (even billions!) of dollars using the same principles we teach on this blog.
Want to learn more? Click here and learn everything you know about the app business. All you have to do is click here and register!
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